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What happens when you want to say more but you can’t find the space? Or you want that glossy big book feel but you can’t afford bound publishing?

Look no further than the trade printing A5 booklets.

These smaller versions of our A4 booklets bring you all the benefits of a quality printed booklet but in a more compact space, to suit your brand tone or your content and designs.

The A5 booklets are perfectly suited to promotions of things like year-long activities or campaigns, product brochures, how-to guides, corporate anniversary mementos, event venue marketing and many, many more. Anything that deserves the space to truly showcase photography, design and copy is best suited to our trade printed A5 booklets.

A powerful marketing tool that will take your business to the next level of printed collateral, A5 booklets bring you the luxury of publishing without the big price tag.

Our A5 booklets bring the scope for personalisation in production with self cover or heavy cover designs in gloss laminated or matt laminated finishes. Materials range from 130 to 170 in both gloss and silk options. (Give us a ring for more options)

At we also offer one of the widest ranges of side options when trade printing A5 booklets, ranging from 8PP right up to 64PP - portrait or landscape to suit your project - and we’ve packaged all the options together in a number of quantity bundles to suit any individual, small business or large corporate needs, whether you want to try just 25 or you need to order in the tens of thousands.

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